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Praise break Activated

🎶"Many Things About Tomarrow, I Don't Seem To Understand, But I Know Who Holds Tomarrow And I Know, He Holds My Hand...."🎶 ~Barbara Jones. ......For this I give you, Praise!........ Since releasing my previous post.... I felt an outpouring of praise, one of which, lasted an entire week..... If you remember, I spoke about a... Continue Reading →

Count the Small blessings

Toast! Happy New Year. Its the second month in 2020, and I am grateful...... It's the first post for the year! I have many plans for this year, also for my blog, yay! It is sill Richelle T. Henry & my aim remain Simple: to continue, "Touching Lives Through Cerebral Palsy!" I wanted to come... Continue Reading →

For the first time.

You know that moment when you expect something but at the same time, when it arrive it's unexpected? If you read, "Road of Cerebral Palsy" you will realized where I mentioned about a surgery, my mother was inquiring about when she became aware of my conditon. In this post, I will be giving you an... Continue Reading →

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